Two Noble Kinsmen from Chef Jill Barron
Chef Jill Barron
Mana Food Bar
The Two Noble Kinsmen

The Two Noble Kinsmen : The Cuisine
Inspired by The Two Noble Kinsmen, Chef Jill Barron presents Horta-blanched wild greens with pickled tomatoes. The bitter greens represent Palamon and Arcite who become blinded by their obsession with Emilia, and the pickled tomatoes highlight the sweet and sour nature of their love.

Chef Jill BarronChef Jill Barron
Chef Jill Barron grew up in a family that liked to eat, and shares the belief that food and life should not be overly complicated. This has been a main facet of her philosophy of cooking. She has worked in some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles and Chicago. Jill’s philosophy is… “Food is my passion, my life. I work hard to combine the two into an understandable product. I like to introduce bold flavors and combine them with the freshest ingredients and make them appeal to the public. I firmly believe in the fact that casual food can be elegant and unusual with great value perception.”
Chef Jill Barron defined her style in cooking working for Susan Feninger and Mary Sue Millikin after interning in Chicago for Michael Short at Star Top Café. With appreciation of the freshest ingredients culled from shopping California Farmers Markets, she molded her style of elegance and simplicity. She also developed her lifelong passion of global ingredients at this time. In 2004 Jill partnered up with Susan Thompson and Angela Lee of Sushi Wabi to open De Cero. The Taqueria Concept won a spot in Chicago Magazine’s 2005 20 Best New Restaurants as well as addition to Dish of the Year. In 2008 Jill and Susan Thompson opened Mana Food Bar, a global vegetarian small plates concept.

About Mana Food Bar
Opened in 2008 by Chef Jill Barron and Susan Thompson, Mana Food bar uses sustainable product and recycled components to help create a simple yet elegant design aesthetic. The design combined with Chef Barron’s ethnic menu creates a unique meatless experience. TimeOut awarded Mana Food Bar Best Vegetarian Restaurant and Chicago Magazine voted Mana Food Bar as one of the Best New Restaurants of 2009.