Hamlet from Chef Jessica Oloroso at Black Dog Gelato
Chef Jessica Oloroso
Black Dog Gelato

Hamlet : The Cuisine
Inspired by the prince’s descent into madness after the death of his father, Chef Jessica Oloroso presents “Hamlet’s Blue." This whimsical flavor blends Danish blue cheese, vanilla bean and pecans.

Chef Jessica OlorosoChef Jessica Oloroso
The creative force behind BDG is chef and owner, Jessica Oloroso. After leaving her last job as pastry chef at an acclaimed Chicago restaurant, Oloroso decided to focus on the one aspect of the pastry world she loved most—ice cream and gelato. She named her business after her black dog, Kaya.

About Black Dog Gelato
Black Dog Gelato creates gourmet gelato and sorbets combining the artisanal process with inventive and intriguing flavors. Gelato is made fresh daily in small batches and begins with the simplest ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, eggs, freshly toasted nuts, seasonal fruits, and quality chocolates. We are committed to the traditional method of gelato making and aspire to create new flavor combinations for the modern palate.
In plainest terms, gelato is Italian style ice cream. It differs from its American counterpart in that, despite its creamier texture, it contains less milk fat and is less aerated. The subtle differences are best experienced on the tongue and served at a warmer temperature.