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Henry VIII from Chef Tigist RedaHenry VIII : The Cuisine
As stated in Shakespeare’s Henry VIII, “We are all men, in our own natures frail, and capable of our flesh; few are angels” (Act V, scene 3) and few can resist the temptations of a decadent feast. In homage to the opulence of England’s most notorious king, Chef Tigist Reda offers two traditional Ethiopian dishes. Kitfo (spiced Beef tartare) has been the dish of Ethiopian royalty for centuries and would be found on any courtly table. Additionally, no feast would be complete without Doro Wat (chicken stewed with Berbere sauce and served with injera, a traditional Ethiopian bread).

Chef Tigist RedaChef Tigist Reda
Chef Tigist Reda was born in northern Ethiopia during the communist era while the nation was in the midst of a civil war. She learned the secrets of traditional Ethiopian food at a very young age, cooking for her family of twenty and learning from the elders around her. Her time spent celebrating birthdays and holidays with guests marked the beginning of her passion for Ethiopian hospitality.
She immigrated to the United States in 1997 and began working as a cashier, server and parking lot manager. Her love of traditional Ethiopian food never left her, and in 2007 she combined her passions for cooking and entertaining by opening her own restaurant. Demera Ethiopian Restaurant opened its doors in Uptown with the goal of providing authentic Ethiopian cuisine, culture and hospitality.

About Demera Ethiopian Restaurant
Chicagoland's favorite authentic Ethiopian cuisine serves traditional Ethiopian dishes using only the freshest, high-quality, authentic ingredients. Demera Ethiopian Restaurant is Michelin Guide recommended and has been featured on WTTW 11's Check Please!