All's Well That Ends Well from Chef Mindy Segal at HotChocolate
Chef Mindy Segal
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All's Well That
Ends Well

All's Well That Ends Well : The Cuisine
Inspired by All’s Well That Ends Well, Chef Mindy Segal presents her signature "Yum Yum Banana Coffee Cake with a Cheesecake and Chocolate Brown Sugar Streusel." Just as Helena uses every tool at her disposal to win the heart of her beloved Bertram, Chef Segal uses her own skills to create a seductive dish. And as the chef states, “the key to any man's heart... yum yum banana coffee cake."
*Note: the cake must be ordered 72 hours in advance.

Chef Mindy SegalChef Mindy Segal
Pastry Creator, Mindy Segal, specializes in contemporary American cuisine, believing that quality and technique is fundamental to the development of a great dessert. Segal places a modern twist on traditional classics. Her innovations and ambitious style showcased in such desserts as One Banana Two Banana and Cake-n-Shake have prompted critical acclaim. Segal exhibits tremendous respect for her ingredients, organizing her plates according to the combination of texture, temperature and taste, rather than appearance alone.
Chef Segal’s early professional positions placed her in some of the most reputable kitchens in the country. After graduation from Kendall College, Segal took her first position at Chicago’s Ambria as pastry assistant to Judy Contino whom Segal considers her most important influence. She continued to refine her craft as pastry chef at such prestigious venues as Spago, Gordon, Charlie Trotter’s and MK. Segal has also developed dessert menus for numerous restaurants in Chicago.
Among her many accomplishments, Segal won the Jean Banchet award for Best Celebrity Pastry Chef in Chicago, Chicago Magazine’s Pastry Chef of the Year and for two consecutive years Time Out Chicago’s Eat Out Awards for Best Pastry Chef. In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, The James Beard Foundation honored Mindy by nominating her for Outstanding Pastry Chef in the country. She has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers as well as made appearances on several television shows.

About Mindy's HotChocolate Restaurant and Dessert Bar
Chef Segal’s solo venture, HotChocolate Restaurant and Dessert Bar, is the culmination of her 20 years of creativity and passion for the culinary experience. The urban café is a marriage of contemporary food and desserts inspired by seasonal and local ingredients. HotChocolate has an innovative and ever changing menu, friendly and educated service with a mission to constantly exceed the diner’s expectations. It is a full service restaurant whose food is truly inspired by all aspects of the “localvore” movement.