Chicago Opera Theater
The Fairy Queen

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” This reimagination of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set in a sultry Las Vegas nightclub dubbed ‘Club Puck,’ is an edgy and hilarious examination of the messes mere mortals make of relationships. The iconic Culture Clash troupe and Chicago Opera Theatre’s Andreas Mitisek have updated this classic and will feature Purcell’s magical music with the orchestra from Haymarket Opera Company. Ron and Tanya, known to some as Oberon and Titania, are preparing to throw a party to celebrate Ron’s birthday at Club Puck. The party planning comes to halt when Tanya discovers Ron flirting with one of the club’s dancers. In a haphazard attempt to fix the blunder, Puck (the fiendish club owner) offers Ron a mysterious juice from a cactus flower to renew Tanya’s love. The concoction does as promised, but cupid’s arrow has missed its mark. The magic potion finds its way into several unwitting hands causing lovers’ eyes to wander, lines of sexual orientation to blur and hilarious chaos to arise. Shakes, a drunken poet, stands readily by to trade his sonnets for drinks and give his unsolicited advice to the lost lovers.