The Newberry +
Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Peter Holland
Shakespeare on Screens
in the 21st Century

The Newberry Library and Chicago Shakespeare Theater invite three great American scholars from the world of Shakespeare to address three very different topics. The second talk of the series will feature Peter Holland speaking on the interpretation of Shakespeare in film, a topic on which he is considered one of the country’s experts. In addition to Holland’s talk, lecture-goers have the opportunity to explore the Newberry’s ongoing fall exhibition, Creating Shakespeare.

Shakespeare on Screens in the 21st Century
Live performances streamed to movie theaters across the world. Movies watched on television, computer screen and smartphones - and even, occasionally, on the kinds of screens for which they were intended. Plays reconstructed into text messages or as tweets or in blogs or vlogs—everything from YOLO Juliet to a Downton Abbey Romeo. We watch Shakespeare in performance on a bewildering variety of screens, large and small, through a range of delivery systems that were unknown even a decade or two ago. What is the significance of how/where we see the plays? What happens as they are transformed before and for our eyes from three dimensions to the many kinds of two? Peter Holland will explore the brave new world of Shakespeare on screens.