From Australia
one step at a time like this
undreamed shores

A simple walk down Navy Pier is transformed by a voice-guided soundscape—and your imagination. To celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s rich legacy coinciding with Navy Pier’s Centennial Anniversary, Chicago Shakespeare has once again partnered with the Australian collective, one step at a time like this, to develop a contemplative singular voyage, specially crafted to be enjoyed by one person at a time. Having previously explored the grandeur of our city in en route and the remarkable storytelling of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure in Since I Suppose, this new micro-journey offers an intimate look at our home on the shores of Lake Michigan. Blending audio tracks and music with the lake and its environs, Shakespeare’s lifelong fascination with water imagery provides the backdrop as you journey along Chicago’s famous landmark, seeing it as if for the first time.

Keep the following in mind when preparing for your micro-journey:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing
  • Travel light: leave large bags at home or in the car - You will be carrying a Motorola smart phone and wearing headphones throughout, so you will want your hands as free as possible throughout the experience.
  • Getting there and going home - undreamed shores takes place entirely on Navy Pier. If you are taking public transportation, there is a convenient CTA stop right at the entrance of Navy Pier. If you are driving, you may use Navy Pier parking garages and bring your parking ticket with you.
    The length of undreamed shores is approximately 70 minutes; however, depending on your walking pace, it may be shorter or longer. Each audience member is allowed the time and space to experience the show at his or her own pace.